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April 2, 2010

Dishwasher Clean?????

Who has family members which always ask..........Is the dishwasher clean??........Well I have a creative solution for you. Using an old calendar magnet from a company last year. I have covered with paper then place a piece of ribbon behind some cardstock (this makes lifting and changing the sign easy) Now time to decorate! Attaching one of our cut-outs (vines & circle) beside the cardstock overlapping just slightly. I then attached some various sized buttons. I've placed some twine in one button and raised it up with some foam dots.
Then found some co-ordinate alpha's to tell our lil' chore masters (my eldest son) whether they need to do there lil' job for the day. Or if someone has to start a packing all the dirty in.. This is a nice simple example how our cut-outs can make something creative quite quickly and possibly a great Mother's Day gift.....not far away.
One side says: EMPTY ME PLEASE
and when turned the other way: FILL ME THANKS
You can use other phrases.

Looking good on the dishwasher!
Time to fill up the dishwasher people's!
Time to get my no#1 Chore Master to empty!
Close up..
Another close up
I hope your having a wonderful Easter break and don't forget to pop by the Online Store, we are still in the process of creating & uploading. I shall keep you up to date with all our new products & will keep creating new goodies for you to view..

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