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April 17, 2010


Here at Cutting Beauty we are wanting to support our community & provide great quality cards at a price we all can afford. This year we are donating 50c per Mothers Day card to the BREAST CANCER RESEARCH.. So please if your needing a card for your special Mum in your life then pop in to our site & see what variety we have to suit your mum..
Now please understand that the demand can be high & we are working very hard to get the cards onto the site. So your patience is wonderful & needed. If you live interstate and needing the card sent asap then please contact us & will endeavour to help you out..

April 9, 2010


Good Afternoon... I just thought I would pop in and give a big WELCOME to our newest staff member.... Fairlie Butler she is a wonderful friend of mine who creates some fantastic cards. Last night she dropped off her first stock of amazing creations. Please visit the store to view her full range. (some sneak peaks here to wet your lips)

WELCOME FAIRLIE... Wonderful to have you with me on this crafty adventure.

April 8, 2010

Cards Crafted this week

It is strange how much I am enjoying creating these different cards. I have always struggled with cards due to their size, but with this new business venture I am kicking off I am really loving creating them all. Now please remember these are all original & 1 offs. So you can be assured that what your getting is a quality product that I would be all too happy to give to a family member or friend.
Both cards are showcasing a cut-out which is available at the online store. And there you will be able to see the whole cut-out. As I have covered the bottom of the flower's with the ribbon. :) If your not feeling creative then please visit the store to purchase a card original.. Cost of the card + postage to you is a small price to pay compared to the large stores which BUMP up the price...
Support the lil' crafty mum's and we will provide you with a great product.
Have a great Friday

April 2, 2010

Dishwasher Clean?????

Who has family members which always ask..........Is the dishwasher clean??........Well I have a creative solution for you. Using an old calendar magnet from a company last year. I have covered with paper then place a piece of ribbon behind some cardstock (this makes lifting and changing the sign easy) Now time to decorate! Attaching one of our cut-outs (vines & circle) beside the cardstock overlapping just slightly. I then attached some various sized buttons. I've placed some twine in one button and raised it up with some foam dots.
Then found some co-ordinate alpha's to tell our lil' chore masters (my eldest son) whether they need to do there lil' job for the day. Or if someone has to start a packing all the dirty in.. This is a nice simple example how our cut-outs can make something creative quite quickly and possibly a great Mother's Day gift.....not far away.
One side says: EMPTY ME PLEASE
and when turned the other way: FILL ME THANKS
You can use other phrases.

Looking good on the dishwasher!
Time to fill up the dishwasher people's!
Time to get my no#1 Chore Master to empty!
Close up..
Another close up
I hope your having a wonderful Easter break and don't forget to pop by the Online Store, we are still in the process of creating & uploading. I shall keep you up to date with all our new products & will keep creating new goodies for you to view..