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December 30, 2010

Welcome 2011

2010 is on it's way out and here comes 2011. I honestly hope that 2011 is a much better year. I am so tired of being behind the 8ball. Time for a transfer closer to home + more creations for Cutting Beauty store + I am going to try and purchase a cube at our local Video store to sell cards + my Jeans handbags in. I am going for it this year and with me typing this here, I am making it my New Year resolution to do it!

Have a good one, stay safe and shall see you next year


December 10, 2010


For those who love blog's....I'm back....! I have been extremely busy with our move last couple of months and have finally got my craft room the way I like it. Also been busy with the Graduation of my eldest son from Yr7 and busy purchasing uniforms, books + much more with Christmas around the corner it is such a stressful time of year.

Do you remember your graduation from Primary School?

Personally I can't remember mine, sadly.. But I know it wasn't as extravagant as the one we had the other night. Candle lighting & parade down the aisle + heaps of singing & dancing. The food was wonderful..

But I'm back into creating. Now sadly our cards are not a great success online or at the markets though we shall still be producing if your requiring something for a very special moment, just email me at Cutting Beauty and I can organize something for you specially :)

Cutting Beauty isn't going far though... I have found a new passion of making Jeans into handbags & have sold quite a few to my surprise. From the last market I only have 1 left which you can view on my facebook page. I am in the process of creating another special order this weekend.
As you can see busy busy and this is the silly season too..

CARDS CARDS CARDS......HUGE SPECIAL......ALL $1.00 EACH...... Because we are no longer creating our cards for sale here I have decided that we are going to sell them out to make way for our other creations.
TO PURCHASE HEAD OVER TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE NOT THE WEBSITE, THANKs This way you get the bargain price and not our usual price + you will be viewing all the cards we have available currently as they are slowly disappearing :)

So come and like our facebook page to keep up to date with the specials we have..